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Friedrichs Education offers educational services of exceptional quality, ranging from ACT/SAT/PSAT and other test preparation, to programs for gifted-and-talented students, to a range of assessments and consulting services.

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ACT/SAT/PSAT/GRE/Other Test Preparation

Read about the personalized advantages that Friedrichs Education can provide for your test preparation.

Challenges for Gifted Pupils

Learn more about Friedrichs Education’s long tradition of challenging, highly-effective services for gifted-and-talented students.


Friedrichs Education offers a wide range of academic testing and other assessment services.

Educational Consulting

Friedrichs Education can find that right “fit” for parents and students searching for desired elementary-to-graduate schools. We can also advise on effective school plans for special-needs and gifted pupils.

Professional Speaking

Dr. Friedrichs presents around the world on a wide range of testing, teaching, and advocacy to kids in gifted and special education.

Fees & Guidelines

Our basic fees are very affordable, compared to most learning centers in the Twin Cities area!