Friedrichs Education

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Dr. Friedrichs has presented over 125 times, locally, nationally, and internationally, on important testing, teaching, and advocacy issues in special and gifted education.

Dr. Friedrichs has served as a keynote presenter at the prestigious American Educational Research Association (AERA) Convention and has coordinated exceptional-child education workshops at many K-12 and college sites.

Here are some topics on which Dr. Friedrichs has previously presented:

Assessing, Teaching, and School Advocacy

  • Assessing and teaching students with a range of disabilities, including those with learning disabilities, emotional challenges, mental handicaps, and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Testing and instructing academically and intellectually gifted youth.
  • Assessing and teaching gifted youth with disabilities (twice-exceptional students).

Legislative Advocacy

  • Assessing current legislative needs for gifted students.
  • Advocating at the home, school, state, and federal levels for gifted students.