Friedrichs Education, at the Mendota Heights Executive Center, is five-to-ten minutes from both St. Paul and Minneapolis. It has many distinctive and helpful educational approaches available to students in grades K-12, college, and adulthood.

Range of Services

We offer these services to students, both younger and older:
• Remedial and advanced tutoring in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science
• Personalized study-skills instruction, developed around a pupil’s specific strengths and weaknesses, in goal-setting, listening, reading efficiency, reading comprehension, note-taking, outlining, memorizing, goal-setting, and daily/weekly/project planning
• Enrichment learning, which allows in-depth scientific study to pupils in areas which they’ve always wanted to explore
• Consultation with, and in-school programming assistance for, both parents and teachers
• Preparation customized to students’ unique strengths and weaknesses as they study for high-school entrance exams and ACT/PLAN/SAT/PSAT/GRE tests

School, Community, and National Connectedness

Dr. Friedrichs, director of the center:
• was born and raised, and currently resides, within several miles of Mendota Heights Executive Center.
• is in regular contact with local schools, to follow up on the needs and progress of his students.
• has students use their recently-learned, advanced, or remedial skills in their current school subjects so that these skills are more likely to “stick.”
• has sat on the board of the Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented, is actively involved with the Council of Exceptional Children and several and other local and national professional groups. He has recently served as a reviewer for the Journal for the Education of the Gifted and on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Encyclopedia of Gifted, Creative, and Talented. He recently published an article in the prestigious journal Gifted Education International.


We are usually well-qualified to work with remedial, advanced, and enrichment learners at all levels! Dr. Terry Friedrichs has long and broad experience, many degrees, and numerous licensures, regarding these students:

Length of Experience

Dr. Friedrichs has 40+ years of experience with remedial, advanced, and enrichment learners.

Breath of Experience

He has attained fine results with all major academic subjects and grades, with all methodologies and racial/ethnic groups.


He holds four degrees, including a master’s, a Ph.D., and an Ed.D., all directly related to exceptional-child development. He is constantly seeking additional knowledge and training so that he can become even more effective in assessment, teaching, and advocacy!

Licensures and Certifications

He has ten teaching licensures, including five in remedial education, as well as five professional certifications in school consulting.