ACT/PSAT/SAT/SAT II/Test Preparation

Friedrichs Education provides these college test-prep advantages:


ACT students tutored here increase an average of four points per 15 hours of instruction in each subject area.


Many of our students have attained extremely-high single-subject-section and Composite scores—in the top one-to-two percent nationally! A great many have also gotten into the colleges of their first choice!


We focus only on areas you need.


Our sessions can be fit into your busy schedule.


We have many years of experience with each of these tests.


We are less expensive and have better outcomes than other centers.

College Awareness

We can help with college choices and with college-admittance criteria, essays, applications, and interviews.

Overall Guidance

We can even provide you with overall mentoring, throughout your junior, senior, and/or college freshman years!


We are conveniently located within three minutes of the Crosstown (Hwy. 62), Hwy. 35, and Hwy. 494, and within five-to-ten minutes of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.


We are very successful with special groups, such as already-high-scoring, special-needs, and extended-time students. We also work with young students on improving their NWEA, Explore, and PLAN results.

A Guarantee

We even provide a guarantee on our work on the ACT, the most-commonly-tutored college admissions test in the Midwest.

Join the parade of students achieving their college dreams!


∗ After 15 hours of instruction, if your score is not two points higher in your area of study, you will receive six additional hours of free instruction in that subject. Offer applies only to ACT pretest scores at or below 26.