Challenging Gifted Pupils

Friedrichs Education, a one-on-one tutoring center, located in the Mendota Heights Executive Center, serves many gifted pupils and looks forward to helping these students and their families!

Kinds of Students

While Friedrichs Education teaches youth with all types of gifts, it is the academically and intellectually gifted, at kindergarten through college levels, who most frequently come for the tutorials in which the center specializes.


Dr. Friedrichs has earned his Ph.D. in Gifted Education and in Learning Difficulties, and has obtained his Ed. D. in Critical Pedagogy, a field that advocates for gifted, special needs, and other special populations. He has taught gifted students for many years, in both accelerated and remedial skills. A published author in gifted education, he also has written five books and monographs on gifted students, has served as an editor and author for the Encyclopedia of Gifted, Creative, and Talented, and has most recently served as a reviewer for the prestigious Journal for the Education of the Gifted. He has presented frequently at national and international conferences on meeting the needs of gifted pupils with learning, emotional and neurological differences. In addition, he has held leadership roles for The Council of Exceptional Children, Association for the Gifted and The National Association for Gifted Children, and has served as a board member of the Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented. Since he travels widely in his roles as research presenter and leader, he is in constant dialogue with innovators in the field about the newest and best ways to teach youth.

Responsiveness to Parents

The center is generally open from about 2:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and is located within 10-15 minutes of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is also close to many Metro suburbs. Dr. Friedrichs enjoys speaking at length with parents of gifted students. Together, they design assessments, programming, and advocacy which will meet the needs of both parents and pupils!

Types of Services

Among other services, the center offers:

  • Academic assessments for parents who wish to see if giftedness is present in their children’s strong areas, or if learning difficulties exist within their youngsters’ weaker subjects.
  • One-on-one accelerated tutoring in strong areas and time-efficient remedial instruction in needy subjects.
  • Individualized instruction in organizational and study skills include these areas: goal-setting; daily, weekly, and project-based time management; listening; note-taking; memorizing; and test-taking. This type of instruction is the most common among the center’s college students.
  • Homeschooling learning for students and advice for parents by telephone and online (including Skype and Zoom)
  • Advocacy, alongside parents, so that necessary, assessment-supported recommendations for acceleration, enrichment, remediation, and course modification can be implemented for individual pupils in local schools.



Dr. Friedrichs has produced gains of multiple grade levels with gifted students in both remedial and accelerated tutoring. Further, he has advocated successfully for many local gifted youth who need full-grade acceleration, single-subject acceleration, grade-level enrichment, and remediation.