Community College, Vocational School, & Military Test Preparation

Friedrichs Education has a strong background in preparing students for their entrance tests into community colleges, vocational schools, and the U.S. military. Tests for these three institutions, respectively, include the Accuplacer, various vocational exams, and the Armed Services Vocational Assessment Battery (ASVAB).

The U.S. military generally employs the ASVAB to admit students into the Army, Navy, Air Force, and some other U.S. military branches. The ASVAB has general knowledge, reading, English, math, and visual-motor sections.

Vocational-technical schools use a variety of vocational tests, often of these schools’ own construction. These measures assess underlying basic skills needed by workers in various trades. Frequently, these tests of measure applied reading and math skills.

Community Colleges often use the Accuplacer to admit students, especially if the pupils have not taken the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or if they have not attained a satisfactory score on those exams. The Accuplacer has reading, math, and grammar sections.