Dear Parents,

As a teacher in the Twin Cities with more than 40 years of experience, I have multiple licenses in education and have a strong focus on academic results.  Raised and schooled in Mendota Heights and the recipient of excellent education in local schools, I have returned to (I truly hope!) assist our community.  As a neighborhood-based educator, I have assembled an impressive array of services to help your student succeed!

Fundamentally Sound Results

Results at Friedrichs Education are superior to other tutoring services at a competitive price because of our highly-individualized, experienced approach. One-on-one tutoring programs supplement, enrich, accelerate, and remediate children’s education in all K-12 subjects, particularly in basic reading, writing, and math. On average, within 15 instructional hours of one of our basic reading, writing, and math programs. we have lifted student performance in reading, math, and writing by one tested grade level.  Many enthused clients gladly speak to our success!

Range of Subjects

Beyond the fundamentals, I supplement elementary and secondary students in their school subjects and strengths. I prepare students for Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), Northwest Educational Assessments (NWEA’s), and high school entrance exams, as well as PSAT, SAT, SAT II, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and ASVAB tests. I assist students struggling with difficult or stressful subjects with a useful “look-ahead” method. I review challenging concepts, then look ahead, working on upcoming assignments and tests. Students’ grades have improved significantly using this method!

Summer tutoring is also available to bolster fundamentals, to review particularly challenging subjects (such as grade 7-12 math or English composition), or to get a head start in difficult subjects for next year. Summer instruction has proved very effective in improving SAT/ACT subscores and college applications.

Minnesota state tax deductions and credits are available for all of our programs, so call us today to find our how to help your students significantly at a competitive price!

Sincerely yours,
Terence Paul Friedrichs, Ph.D., Ed.D.