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I am a teacher raised and schooled in Mendota Heights, right here in the suburban Twin Cities. The recipient of excellent education in local schools, I have returned to (I truly hope!) assist our community.

I have multiple licenses in education, with more than 35 years of teaching experience and a strong focus on results. (See my resume.) And I’m right next to your home, too, with an impressive array of instructional services!


Owner/Director, Friedrichs Education

Mendota Heights, MN (2006-Present)

Assessing, teaching, curriculum development, advocacy, consulting, teacher supervision, and school liaison for EBD, LD, MH, AD(H)D, ASD, underachieving, and gifted students in kindergarten through graduate school, in a private, one-on-one learning center (Mendota Heights, MN) drawing from the Twin Cities Metro Area and beyond.


Ed.D. Critical Pedagogy, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2005
Ph.D. Special Education and Educational Psychology, University of Virginia, 1990
M.A. Special Education, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1979
B.S. Magna Cum Laude, Social Studies Education, University of Missouri, 1976

Minnesota Licensures


• Social Studies (Grades 7-12, Obtained 1977) • Learning Disabilities (K-12, 1979)
• Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (K-12, 1996) • Mild/Moderate Mental Impairments (K-12, 1997)
• Adult Basic Education (1998)


• Director of Special Education (K-12, Obtained 1994) • Elementary Principal (K-6, 1998)
• Secondary Principal (7-12, 1998) • Superintendent (K-12, 1998)

Professional Certifications

Teaching (through the University of St. Thomas)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (2010)

School Consulting (through Independent Education Consultants Association)

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools (2008)
  • Colleges (2008)
  • Learning Disabilities (2009)
  • Special Needs (including Autism Spectrum Disorders) (2009)
  • “Other Students” (Gifted) (2009)

Teaching Experience

Assessing, Teaching, Inservicing, and Advising Classroom Teachers (1979-84):
Learning disabled (LD), Emotionally/Behaviorally Disordered (EBD), Attention Deficit Disordered with and without Hyperactivity (ADHD and ADD), Mentally Handicapped (MH), Autism Spectrum Disordered (ASD), underachieving, and Gifted and Talented (G/T) students in Metro-Area and Greater Minnesota

• All Grades, K-12 • Basic, advanced, study, and social skills
• Mainstream, special needs, and in-home settings

Graduate Study (1984-90):
Obtaining Ph.D. in Learning Disabilities, Gifted Education, and Administration and Supervision

Teacher Training (1990-93):
Teaching courses about, and supervising in general and special-needs classes for, LD/BD/MH/AD(H)D, at-risk, and gifted students, at state universities in the Midwest and Northeast

Assessing, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Consulting, and Supervision (1993-2005):
For K-12 EBD, LD, MH, AD(H)D, underachieving, and gifted pupils, in self-contained-school, public-school, and residential settings (Roseville, Bloomington, and Minneapolis, MN); private tutoring and home schooling with such students (Bloomington, Rosemount, Minneapolis, MN, and Hudson, WI); tutoring at a community-based, one-on-one learning center (Mendota Heights, MN)

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